Quilting by Day

Custom hand guided heirloom quilting.

                                    Quilt Preperations                                    

  • Check for any seams that are not properly caught in the 1/4" seam allowance.  These could come apart when the top is on the rollers.  I will check the top for seams not caught and there will be a fee for repair.
  • Be sure that all the seams that come to the edge of the quilt are backstitched.  When the top is placed on the longarm rollers, the top is taunt.  This can cause the quilt tops edges to come apart if not backstitched.  I will check the quilts seam edges before attaching to the rollers.  If the edge seams are not connected, there will be a fee to repair these seams before putting top on rollers.
  • Have all seams pressed flat.  Do not iron the fabric out of shape.  This will cause puckers and add some extra fullness in the top.
  • Clip ALL threads.  These will cause "veins" under light fabric.
  • Indicate the top and bottom of the quilt clearly if there is a difference.